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Discover More about G & J Heating & Cooling in Windsor

G & J Heating & Cooling was started 40 years ago by the current owner’s father. Jay Gawnanmeh, the current owner, joined the business when he was very young. He quickly learned the ins and outs of the heating and cooling industry. Other family members joined the small heating and cooling business later, solidifying the company’s status as fully family owned and operated. Now with over 4 decades of experience behind us, G & J Heating & Cooling continues to provide the same great quality service today as they did years ago. We still serve the same location and the same people.

A Member of the Neighbourhood

G & J Heating & Cooling has remained a large member of the community, getting involved in local events and charities. We support our neighbourhood, working to better everyone’s livelihood with proper heating and cooling services. Our current owner Jay has lived in Windsor all his life. He understands the community’s ups and downs, and at times has adjusted his prices to better accommodate hard times like high unemployment rates or financial troubles. All in all, G & J Heating & Cooling continues to be an important member of the Windsor community.

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